TCM 5 Elements

300$ each

A series of five, 3-hour workshops all about you, as seen from the perspective of the 5-elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

  1. Your 5-element personality.
  2. Your helper elements and your silent partners.
  3. You and your intimate relationships.
  4. Your physicality.
  5. You and your colleagues/clients.

The Wuxing

There are five elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Each of these elements has different characteristics (temperaments, sensitivities, seasons, attitudes, motivating forces, emotions, body shapes, types of activities, tastes, sounds, smells,...) associated with it. These characteristics relate to our physical, emotional and spiritual selves as well as how they/we relate to and with our world.

In addition, each of these elements relates to each of the other four elements through the Wuxing and its cycles. Briefly, each element nourishes an element, controls (or 'manages') another element, is nourished by a third element and is controlled (or managed) by a fourth.

We are all made up of all five elements. Ideally, we have "enough" of each in order to do what we want to do and be who we want be. And, ideally, we "flow", meaning... all parts of us are accessible and active -- nourishing, managing, being nourished and being managed -- when we need them to be*.

We all come into this world with a certain 5-element make-up (the "nature" part). Through our experience and context (the "nurture" part), most of us end up fostering our predominant element and a couple of support elements and we tend to leave a couple of elements "behind". Taking the time to look at our specific 5-element pattern, we can get cues into how and why we are. This is the goal of the series of workshops.

* Keeping this 'balance' and 'flow' is the goal of TCM.

Format: Five workshops of 3-hours each.
Prerequisites: None but you are encouraged to take the 5-Element quiz before the first workshop.

* Certificates of participation are issued. Accredited by RAC for 7.5 CEU's.