On arriving for our first session I will ask you to complete a health questionnaire and I will explain how the session will unroll. (On any subsequent visits, we will simply go over what has happened since the last session.) Once this is done, you need only remove your shoes and socks, lie down on the massage table and relax into the treatment.

An acupressure treatment usually begins with some relaxation techniques (usually to unblock any energy that might be stuck in the shoulder/neck area) and often I will ask you about the sensitivity (or not) of some key acupoints. After this, a series of acupoints will be pressed on one side of the body (starting on the left side for men and on the right for women) and then (usually and for the most part) mirrored on the opposite side. Most sessions end with some grounding and centering techniques.

Afterwards we will discuss the session, plan for a next one if that turns out to be in the ether and settle the payment if this hasn't already been done.

After our appointment I will document anything that came up during the treatment -- areas of sensitivity, conditions, changes during the session -- while your well-being continues its course.

Whether or not you book an appointment, your well-being has already begun given that you are considering a moment of care for yourself. And, if you do book an appointment, I focus on your well-being throughout the session while post session, the effects of the acupressure ensure that this well-being continues.


Health records and session documentation are standard to the practice of acupressure and the Reflexology Associaton of Canada (RAC) reflexology method. Confidentiality is strict. Health records and session documentation are not shared with anyone without your explicit and prior consent.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please don't hesitate to ask me. And, for more information on the code of ethics of the associations I belong to, please see the following: RAC code of ethics and AQTN code of ethics.

Post Session

Both acupressure and reflexology encourage the body to heal and normalize itself. Sometimes this includes cleansing reactions or detoxification responses.

These reactions and responses are positive and natural and are part of the body's regenerative intent. So, while some cleansing responses might cause some initial discomfort, most last a couple of hours (even if they present themselves a couple of days after the treatment). And, once completed, a feeling of increased vitality and greater well-being usually follow.

So... post session, continue to take care of yourself, avoid any new stresses as best you can and listen to your body. And, if ever there are any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. I will be available for you.