Office Hours:

Normally, Thursdays from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. but, none at the moment.

Type of Session:

Choosing an acupressure or reflexology treatment depends on the reason for your consult, your preferences, the goals of the session and the treatment context. If you are unsure which sort of appointment to book, please contact me and we can discuss this together.

Length of Session:

Most treatments are about an hour long but please set aside an extra half hour in your calender to accommodate your arrival, our discussions and your (calm) departure. And, for first appointments, please set aside an additional half hour for the health questionnaire and the opening of your file.

Price and Payment:

Please see here for price and payment information.


Appointments may be made by phone, text message, e-mail or via the contact form.


Appointments may be cancelled or rescheduled by phone, text message, e-mail or through the contact form. Notably, if you cancel an appointment for which you have already paid, your money will be refunded to you in the same payment form as the original transaction (cash for cash and PayPal for PayPal). And, although it isn't always possible, a 24-hour heads up is appreciated.